The Marin Siblings

The Marin Siblings -Eternal Optimists

The eternal optimist is a person who stays positive no matter what happens to him/her. It could be said that this approach is the opposite of complaining and seeing events as negative.

Lora, Marcia, Cindy and John Marin always amazed me because of their eternal optimist attitude.  Even though they had a horrible childhood with no mother at home and an angry, absent, abusive father, they are the most positive people I have ever known.

When I was having melt downs as I watched each sister-in-law slowly be stolen from us by Huntington’s disease, they never complained or said anything negative about their situation. They just smiled and said things like, “I’m lucky I have HD instead of cancer because with cancer you have pain”, or “I don’t blame dad because he did the best he could do”.

Their positive attitude always amazed me and I felt ashamed, not being strong like them, and that I was upset about the situation and they were not.  As time passed, I came to understand that their positive attitude was a gift and I was supposed to learn from them.

One of the lessons I learned was to never see the glass half empty,  always see the glass half full.

John continues being an eternal optimist and always will be.  That is what I loved about the Marin siblings and I was blessed to have known them and have them in my life.

We Can Never Lose HOPE……

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