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Prolonged Grief Disorder

During the pandemic, my sisters and I lost our father.  Because we live in an unprecedented time, holding an in-person Celebration of Life for him was difficult to plan.

Experiencing this loss has lead me to explore grief once again.  I have written several blogs, in the past on grief and the many kinds of grief that people can experience.

Each individual loss is unique and so is the type of grief they will struggle with; normal, anticipatory, complicated, chronic, delayed, distorted, cumulative, prolonged, exaggerated, and nine (9) others.  Please see article on types of grief. 

After reading the above article, prolonged grief disorder, has become apparent to me that my father had been suffering from this type of grief.  My mother died in 2006 after a sudden diagnoses of brain cancer that metastasized from her lungs.  (she never smoked a day in her life)

After that loss, my father was never the same.  Some would say, after 54 years of marriage, the other half of him was taken and he would never feel whole again.  My father’s symptoms of this kind of grief was that he could never enjoy himself, he felt guilty that he was still here and she wasn’t. He grieved silently and grief incapacitated him from going places, reaching out to people.  My sisters and I always felt he was deeply depressed.

So, my plea to you is to be kind and gentle to people who have experienced a recent loss or a loss of many years.  Everyone grieves differently and there is no time time frame on grief and remember, if you love, you will grieve.


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