You Never Know When You Make A Difference in Someone’s Life

Every Tuesday for the past several years, I have worked (voluntered) at a medical clinic in Auburn for the homeless which is also open to locals who are low income and do not have dental, chiropractic, eye, mental health, or counseling coverage.  The only criteria to receive services is that they live in the greater Auburn area.  And we believe them when they say they have no coverage.

Last Tuesday, a gal, about 30 years old, walked in and since I check people in and give them paperwork to fill out I usually hear dalailama378036about their dilemma. I listen as patiently as I can, with a line forming behind them, because I believe they deserve to be heard.  This particular gal stated she was in rehab at X facility and had run out of her antidepressants and needed a refill.  She went on to tell me she was an alcoholic and how she really needed them to stay sober.  As she finished her story, I smiled and said to her, “I’m so sorry for your struggle.”  She handed me her paperwork, and I thanked her and said, “You know, you look really good today.”  She teared up and said, “Thank you for saying that; you don’t know what that means to me.”  Her reaction and reply reinforced what I believe; a positive, kind word or act can make someone’s day.

Have a good day!  Therese



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