Memorial Day in the U.S.

I have fond memories of the holidays when I was growing up in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, in the 1960’s with my aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandmother McKibben and my Grandmother and Grandfather Crutcher.  We lived not too far from each other so every holiday, and some vacations, were spent together.

One of my most vivid memories was the holiday of Memorial Day; for us kids it was the beginning of summer. Mom and Dad would pack my sisters, Ellen, Julie, Jennifer and myself in our big old Chevrolet and head to the Catholic cemetery where Mass would be celebrated.  After decorating the graves of our relatives with American flags and flowers, the family would spend the rest of the day together, usually at Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill’s home, since they had several acres where all the kids could run around.  Mom, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Nancy would call us for dinner and we’d have fried chicken, potato salad, soda pop, green beans, homemade biscuits with jam and, of course, cake with ice cream .

When I was searching for information on Memorial Day, I learned Decoration Day was the precursor of Memorial Day, and was first observed in 1868, following the carnage of the Civil War.

In early May 1868 the Grand Army of the Republic, a nationwide group of veterans of the Union Army, called for a day to remember those who had died in the war.

The Meaning of Memorial Day, From the Civil War On.

Have a wonderful holiday…………..Therese

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