My Grateful Heart

To say “I’m grateful” is an understatement, and quite frankly, there isn’t a word that truly expresses the thankfulness I carry in my heart everyday.

Why am I appreciative?  In 2016, my husband, John, decided he wanted to to be genetic tested to find out his gene status for Huntington’s disease (HD).  Since HD is genetic, a negative test result meant he could not pass the mutated gene on to his children.

Our daughter Vanessa Garrett

Fast forward to 2021.  In February, our son, Keith, and his wife, Fran welcomed their first child, our first grandchild, into a family FREE of HD.

 I volunteer for the nonprofit, HDSA, and their Vision  Statement is, “A World FREE of HD“.

For 38 years, I worried about John and our children, praying they would be spared.  Now, I sleep soundly at night and thank the Higher Power for this gift.

Not every HD family is as lucky as mine, so now I pour my energy into supporting HD families in the San Francisco Bay Area by being the Chair for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) San Francisco Bay Area Affiliate.  

We Can Never Lose HOPE…

Visit my HD Advocacy/Author Website:  [email protected]

Please make a donation to HDSA and help in the fight against his brain disease that has NO CURE.  HDSA donation page









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