Over the years, I’ve struggled living with John’s unknown gene status and watching his three sisters suffer and die from Huntington’s, one of the top 10 horrific diseases on this planet. Even when a blood test became available in 1993, John did not want to be tested; he wanted to live with the hope that he did not have the mutated HD gene.

Last year John had a change of heart about being tested when both our kids announced they were getting married. When he proclaimed his decision to me, I was surprised to say the least; having clung to hope for 37 years. He now wanted to give our children a definitive answer regarding his gene status, so he made an appointment at U.C. Davis Medical Center Neurology Department to be genetically tested.

                                                          JOHN’S TEST WAS NEGATIVE!!!!!!


Our children now know the black cloud that hovered over our family has been blown away and HD cannot affect them, their children and future generations. We are thrilled that Huntington’s is no longer a threat to our family!

Thank you God!

Have a terrific day and thanks for visiting my website!   Therese

Photo credit: maf04 via / CC BY-SA

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  • Reply Audrey Greathouse January 20, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    THIS IS THE BEST POSSIBLE NEWS! Thank you so much for sharing. I see your blog posts all the time and see so much struggle, so much hope, so much thought…and here is something concrete and WONDERFUL. This isn’t optimism, it is the payoff you sometimes get for it 🙂 I am so happy to hear this and wish you and John all the best…long, happy, and healthy lives!

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