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John Anthony Marin-My Touchstone

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John, my person of importance. My significant other. My constant, the person who completes me and makes me whole. He is a true friend without criticism and judgements, who loves me unconditionally. He is my hero.

I feel blessed that we found each other in 1975 on the campus of Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill California.  It was a love that endured the miles between us since John went away to California Polytechnic University, Pomona,  in southern California in the Fall of 1976 and I transferred to California State University, Sacramento . In 1979, after three years apart, we both graduated from college and John made his last eight hour drive to Northern California where we began to plan our life together.

 We’ve been married 36 years, and there were tough times,IMG_4621 but we knew we could get through it together. I respected his opinion as he did mine, and sometimes we had to compromise and that was okay because we loved each other.  If someone asked me how we had such a successful relationship I’d suggest they read this article because it holds the truth to our loving bond.

I honestly don’t know how I would have handled the stress of caring for his sisters, raising two children, working full-time without him.  He was always my calming force when I felt my life was chaotic and I wanted to close my bedroom door and never come out. And the funny thing is, I wasn’t even the one who was at risk for Huntington’s; he was. A long time ago, I asked him how he handled the stress of living with the unknown and his answer made sense to me.  He said, “Therese, I’ve lived with uncertainty my whole life, so I’ve learned to not worry about stuff.” After our conversation, John came home and presented me with the book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….And It’s All Small Stuff.

Thank you John Marin for loving me.

Have a good day!      Therese

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