Huntington's Disease

Prevalence of Huntington’s Disease Around the World- In the U.K.

Have you ever wondered where Huntington’s disease (HD) originated. Over the years, I have been curious where and when it started appearing in people. So, I did some digging and discovered some interesting facts.

Europe has been highly significant to the history and study of HD. The greatest frequencies of HD are found in Europe and among populations of European descent. Most scholars believe that European migration was what brought HD alleles into the continents of North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand, and the prevalence of HD in these regions is now similar to that of Europe, where HD affects around 4-10 per 100,000 people. HD-in-europe/#united-kingdom

The United Kingdom (U.K.) is the hereditary origin of many of the first cases that were identified as Huntington’s disease (HD). Scholars have traced thousands of prominent cases of HD in New England, U.S.A., back to a few families that emigrated in the seventeenth century from Suffolk in England.

Currently, it is estimated the prevalence of HD in the U.K. is approximately 12.4 per/ 100,000. Since this is a conservative estimate, which only includes people in contact with the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA), the true prevalence of HD in the U.K. must be even higher. 

The HDA website has a wealth of information on Huntington’s disease in the United Kingdom:

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