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Huntington’s Disease Advocate-Kate Miner

Kate at a HDSA Convention with Michael Miller

Kate Miner is my hero for many reasons.  She’s beautiful, a talented actress, musician and dedicated Huntington’s Disease advocate.  Her family discovered a few years back that Huntington’s disease ran in the family. Her mother and two sisters tested gene-positive, while she did not.

Jenne Colar-Dark, Kate’s sister, is also an advocate and is on HDSA Board of Trustees.

I loved Kate in the TV series, Shameless, and I hope to see her again in another TV series.

Watch Kate Miner’s passionate video about Huntington’s disease.

Kate is involved in the HDSA Annual Freeze HD event every year that takes place in Los Angeles that supports the nonprofit, Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Last year, the 8th Annual Freeze HD raised more than $200,00.00.  She brings her celebrity friends who are very generous.

Thank you Kate, for all you do for the Huntington’s disease community and many thanks to all who supported the Freeze HD event.

We Can Never Lose HOPE… 

To help in the fight against Huntington’s disease, please make a donation to    Huntington’s Disease Society of America.  Every dollar helps provide services and programs that help HD families have a highest quality to their lives on their HD journey. Thank you.

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