HDSA’s NYC Marathon Team Raises More than $133,000

Every year, Huntington’s Disease Society of America forms a team to run in the NYC Marathon as a fundraising event. The event is usually around the first of November.  The pictures above are from the November 6, 2019 Marathon. 

Our daughter, Vanessa, and daughter-in-law, Fran, ran in the 2016 NYC Marathon.  Our family traveled to NYC to cheer them on.  It was an incredible experience, so festive, fun and positive.  Vanessa and Fran were ecstatic because they cut 10 minutes off their marathon time.  Thousands of people cheered them on through the boroughs of New York.

It’s a great fundraiser for HDSA and creates awareness at the same time.  To read more about the HDSA Team, visit:


The pictures above are of Vanessa and Fran running in the 2016 NYC Marathon for Huntington’s disease.

We Can Never Lose HOPE……

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