Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Pearl Harbor Address

I’m posting about Pearl Harbor because I had family, they are gone now, who were in WWII.  10336686_525027840942416_5632140100912836372_nMy Uncle Bill Roberts, (in the picture above on the right), he was married to my mother’s sister Mary, was in the Navy.  Many of my father’s uncles, the Mages family, were in the war, in non-fighting positions, mechanics, MP’s, medics, and two of his aunts served as WAC’s (Women’s Army Corps).

John’s father, Big John, was stationed in the Philipines.  He shared a few war stories with the kids before he died.  John said he never wanted to talk about it before.

27084811410_8862618213_zThese men and women are to be thanked for preserving our democracy and freedom, and even though most of them are gone, they still deserve our recognition and gratitude.  The picture of the cross is the American Cemetery in Normandy, France.  Two years ago, when John and I were in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland, we visited Normandy and spent a long time in the Normandy American Museum. It was a very moving experience for me.

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Photo credit: mclcbooks via / CC BY-NC-ND

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