Family, May is HD Awareness Month

Excerpt from “Watching Their Dance”-Ch 10

One Saturday in June, the plan was for “the girls” to go shopping while “the boys” installed a hot tub in Lora and Dave’s backyard. When Marcia and Glenn drove up, Lora and I grabbed our purses and jumped into Marcia’s Datsun 280Z. Sitting in the back, I found a box of tapes and started to look through them. “Are these self-help tapes?” I asked.

“Yes. They’re from est, for Erhard Seminars Training. Werner Erhard’s ideas focus on personal responsibility, accountability, possibility, and transformation. All the big companies are sending their professionals to his five-day training classes, or buying the tapes.”

Lora turned around from the passenger seat and took a couple from me. “How long have you had these, Moochie?”

“Pacific Bell bought them for me last month. It’s nice to listen to them while I’m driving to see a client. You can borrow them if you like.”

I admired Marcia’s determination and tenacity, knowing how she had moved up the career ladder at Pac Bell without a college degree. These tapes were no doubt another strategy to improve her expertise and expand her personal skills, but the timing was interesting.

At Macy’s, Marcia and I shopped for clothes while Lora disappeared into the housewares department. When we met her there an hour later, her face lit up as she showed us a Cuisinart food processor. “Look at this, you guys. Having this could save me so much time and energy.” She looked at the price tag. “Ouch!”

“Maybe it could be a business expense,” I said. “Do you and Anna ever think of starting that catering business you’ve been talking about forever?” Anna was an old friend from Martinez; in the late thirties, her mother had gone to Alhambra High with Big John.

“Oh, we’re still in the planning stage.”

I looked at Marcia. “I think your sister must be in heaven, thinking about cooking all day instead of working for the accountants.”

At lunch, Marcia said, “You know, Lora, having your own catering business has been your dream since you were in high school. You and Anna would make a great team. You should do it.”

I nodded vigorously. I didn’t know if Marcia was thinking what I was, but I couldn’t help adding, “Yes, Lora, you should go after your dream!”

None of us could resist ordering a piece of chocolate pie with our coffee. As I dug into mine, I noticed a twitch in Marcia’s shoulder; it was very slight, but it happened several times. Had Lora noticed it, too? I considered asking her if the opportunity arose, but I was pretty sure I knew how she would react. None of the Marins ever wanted to talk about Huntington’s disease.

We can never lose HOPE……………….Therese

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