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Multidisciplinary Care Clinic at HDSA Centers of Excellence Can Help HD Families

What Is A Multidisciplinary Care Clinic?

Dr. Sharon Sha, Stanford & Dr. Alexandra Nelson, UCSF

What is multidisciplinary care for Huntington’s disease (HD)? In the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Nelson, director at UCSF and Dr. Sha, director at Stanford Centers of Excellence, describe it as, “teamwork based on the complementary expertise of multiple individuals, with a goal of providing compassionate, knowledgeable, and accessible care to families coping with Huntington’s Disease We understand the challenges of living with Huntington’s disease.”

Why is multidisciplinary care especially helpful for HD?

Dr. Alexandra Nelson states, “HD is complex and impacts the person with HD, but also her/his family and other loved ones. Symptoms range from changes in behavior and mood to changes in thinking, to loss of coordination and balance. This complexity requires a team approach, as well as collaboration with the patient and her/his caregivers. No one individual on the team has all the expertise, or the answers. Indeed, working on our multidisciplinary team is an incredibly fulfilling experience – we learn from our patients as well as from each other, so that hopefully we can be more helpful to the next family we work with.”

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Stanford HD clinic website                          UCSF HD clinic website 

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