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A Love Story

A Love Story, Watching Their Dance

It’s Not Just A Story About A Family Challenged by Huntington’s

The nonfiction book I penned, Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s is much more than the Marin Family being challenged by Huntington’s but a story of love, commitment and devotion.

When I set out to write the memoir, my goals were to heighten Huntington’s disease (HD) awareness, honor my three (3) sisters-in-law and generate funds to donate to the nonprofit, Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA).  As the story unfolded, I was always brought back to one of the themes of the book, unconditional love. (other themes in the book are mindfulness and hope)

Watching Their Dance

Watching Their Dance is John and my enduring love story while living in the shadow of the HD.  At the beginning of our marriage and HD journey, John and I committed that HD would not tear us apart, that our love would create a bond so strong that nothing could come between us.

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A Love Story, About Author

Huntington’s Disease

Once upon a time, in the land of uncertainty, there was a young college girl who tried to control every aspect of her life; she lacked spontaneity, felt uncomfortable without a plan, so she always had a plan and a backup plan in case the first plan failed.  In other words, she was a control freak.

Until her senior year in college, Therese had been successful living her life in this manner.  Her prince, John Marin, entered her life in her sophomore year and she fell irrevocably in love with him and planned a life together after college. 

Huntington’s Disease

Then a cruel, frightening, uncontrollable, despicable, incurable monster entered her life; its name was Huntington’s disease (HD) and John and his three sisters were at risk for inheriting the disease. 

Huntington’s disease was not to be controlled so Therese planned to not let Huntington’s disease control her.  She married her prince even though his future is precarious.  It’s not to say it was easy but over time HD offered her lessons that gave her a sense of control; incorporating mindfulness and forgiveness into her life, having HOPE, not taking anything for granted, cherishing John and their life, not sweating the small stuff. 

In 2016, in the land of uncertainty, the prince tests negative for HD and Therese writes their love story living in the shadow of HD. 

We Can Never Lose Hope…….

Author Therese Crutcher-Marin

I’m a Huntington’s disease (HD) advocate, Chair for the HDSA San Francisco Bay Area Affiliate, a blogger and an author.  Visit my website and learn about HD:



A Love Story

Love Letters

HDSA 2019 Convention

John and I have sold our home in Auburn, CA, that we’ve lived in for 31 years, to start a new chapter of our lives.  We decided to move closer to our children, we want to move before we can’t move, as we will be first time grandparents in February 2021.  

Purging, as I call it, is daunting after living that long in one home.  So, as I combed through each closet, drawer and way back in a cabinet I found LOVE LETTERS John wrote to me after I walked away from the relationship during our last year in college.  The letters were endearing and brought tears to my eyes as John expressed his love for me.  I’d left because of the discovery that his mother had had Huntington’s disease (HD) and John had a 50/50 chance of inheriting the mutated huntingtin gene that causes the disease.   What is HD?       

Our love has endured, despite the anxiety of living at-risk for HD, difficult choices and the overwhelming grief we experienced at the loss of my three sisters-in-law from HD complications. Article on For Better or For Worse-Tragedies-in-Relationships 

Article on If You Love You Will Grieve

On September 27th, John and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.  We count our blessings every day, embracing our love and respect for each other. 







We Can Never Lose HOPE…..

A Love Story

A Land of Hope and Dreams

Author Therese Crutcher-Marin

We all know how music and the lyrics to a song can trigger emotions and take us back to different times in our lives.   Music can touch your soul; reminiscent of special times in your life or challenging ones.

In the AFTERWORD section of the nonfiction book, Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s, I wrote a poem.  I’m really not a poet but Bruce Springsteen’s song, Land of Hope and Dreams, inspired me to write about my own hope and dreams in the mist of living with the threat of Huntington’s disease. 

To purchase the book, go to:

100% of the cost of the book is donated to the nonprofit, Huntington’s Disease Society of America 

An excerpt: 

“We’re all riders on a train traveling through life.  The choices we make on the journey determine the weight of our load.  When confronted with tough times, many discover they must lighten their load. 

John Anthony Marin, my key rider, willingly disembarked in 1978, while I struggled with the direction of my train.  Eventually, I circled back to find him waiting patiently for me.  He boarded my train again, and together, we rolled through the fields of life where sunshine streams and set a new destination, a land of hope and dreams.” 

We Can Never Lose HOPE…..   

Please visit my author website for more information on Huntington’s disease and book:



A Love Story, Watching Their Dance

In My Hands I Held My Dream

Even during this difficult time with the pandemic, I find joy and peace in reflecting upon the seven (7) year journey I conscientiously took, to write and publish a book, hoping it would soothe my soul.

Three years ago, I received at my home, the first shipment, 300, of the nonfiction book, Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s. It was a surreal feeling, holding a book in my hand.

This journey helped me fight through the complicated grief that I’d been stuck in.  As I wrote my story, and crafted the words on paper, it validated what John and I had lived through.

In April 2017, having healed, I could now talk about my three sisters-in-law, Lora, Marcia and Cindy who were struck down early in their lives by the insidious Huntington’s Disease, without crying.

Author Therese Crutcher-Marin Book Signing in Auburn CA

For the next several days, John and I had fun addressing approximately 30 books to mail to those who ordered a copy on my author website.  I also had two local book signing events to organize; April 29 and May 7, 2017.

It was a very exciting time for me as my dream came to fruition. To read Watching Their Dance book reviews, click here:



The following is my personal tag line that I write in every book I sell.

We Can Never Lose Hope……….


A Love Story

Make “Watching Their Dance” Memoir into a MOVIE

My book, Watching Their Dance, a love story while living in the shadow of Huntington’s Disease,  is in a strong 2nd place in a contest on that allows the public to vote on which stories they want to see adapted to the screen.
Please VOTE Click here to vote!!
A movie would give Huntington’s disease (HD)  so much exposure.  HD is a rare, fatal, genetic brain disease that has all the symptoms of ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers at the same time.  There is adult HD and Juvenile HD and there is NO CURE.  For more info on HD, visit is holding a contest that allows the public to vote on which stories they want to see adapted to the screen.
A Love Story

To The One I Love John Anthony Marin

John & our children & their spouses

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I have had 44 years to celebrate this day with him.  I’m thankful for John Anthony Marin, the love of my life, my husband, lover, father of my children, confidant, touchstone and the kindest, most honest man I’ve ever known.

In 1979, I decided to marry John, even with his unknown gene status, because I couldn’t fathom life without him.   I embraced the uncertainty which enriched my life and fortified my marriage.

Each year, Valentine’s Day validated the love John and I shared.  I secretly rejoiced in enjoying another year with John with no Huntington’s disease symptoms.  Read about our love story:

This day also reminded me to stay vigilant, living mindfully, not sweating the small stuff, never taking John for granted and the wonderful life we had together.

I have never regretted marrying John, even with the heartache we have experienced with the loss of his three (3) sisters to Huntington’s disease. We are blessed that John tested negative in 2016 for the Huntington’s disease mutated gene.

Take a look of the history of Valentine’s Day and enjoy the day with the one you love.




A Love Story

VOTE on for “Watching Their Dance” to be Made into a MOVIE

Watching Their Dance, a love story, was submitted to TaleFlick, a website I subscribe to where my book can be seen by movie producers in Hollywood. 

My book has been submitted, with many other books, in a contest and the public can vote on which story they would like to see made into a movie.

TO VOTE: Please visit  Click on TaleFlick Discovery and scroll down and you’ll see my book.

If chosen, we could make millions for Huntington’s disease research.

As of this morning, Watching Their Dance is in #4 position.

This is the first round of voting so please share share and share so your family and friends can vote.

Thank you

A Love Story, The Marin Siblings

That’s How Love Moves

That’s how love works………That’s how love moves……..

Like a river running through you………lyrics from That’s How Love Moves by Faith Hill.

Once John wrapped his arms around me, I was never the same.  He saw something in me that I never knew I had…………………. courage.  Courage to love despite the enormous challenge that lay ahead in the years to come.

The challenge?  Huntington’s disease (HD); the cruelest disease on the planet.  A rare, fatal, genetic brain disorder that has all the symptoms of ALS, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s at the same time and their is NO CURE.  John and his three (3) sisters were at risk, a 50/50 chance, for inheriting the horrific disease that destroyed their mother.  What is Huntington’s disease?

Lora, Cindy and Marcia Marin

The unconditional love I had for the Marin siblings and the love John had for me, saved me; saved me in every way possible.  Love kept me grounded, even during the worst of times when I was desperate to escape from the 24-year nightmare; watching his three sisters battle HD.

We Can Never Lose HOPE……..

100% of the proceeds from the nonfiction book, Watching Their Dance, is being donated to the nonprofit, Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) to help in the fight against Huntington’s disease.

Therese’s Author Website:





A Love Story, Therese-Author

What If?

In 2016, after John tested negative for the mutated huntingtin gene that causes the cruelest disease on the planet, Huntington’s disease (HD), I thought a lot about “WHAT IF“.

In 1978, when the four Marin siblings discovered they had a 50/50 chance of inheriting HD, I was so scared I broke off the relationship with John. Luckily, I was lead back to John by an epiphany.  What is Huntington’s disease 

“What If” I hadn’t found my way back to John?  I would have lost so much and paid a heavy price. Guilt would have been tattooed on my heart forever for walking away from my soulmate, my true love, a man who had never hurt me.  I would have felt ashamed for not being strong and I would never have known three wonderful women, my sisters-in-law, Lora, Marcia and Cindy.  Also, I would have missed out on knowing the two most important people in my world today; our children Keith and Vanessa.

My advice is to LISTEN TO YOUR HEART……….




We Can Never Lose Hope………….

Watching Their Dance is John’s and my love story while living in the shadow of Huntington’s Disease. I share the tools I found in life to live happily, even with the losses we experienced, with this huge uncertainty looming over us.  The themes of my book are mindfulness, forgiveness, hope and love.

The book is online at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and many other book websites. My author website: