Caregivers-Be Kind to Yourself-Part 1

As a caregiver, one must remember to take of yourself because if something happens to you, what will happen to your loved one you care for?  Caregiving a loved one with Huntington’s disease is unique.  Caregivers-Guide-to-Huntington’s Disease

AARP suggests 10 things caregivers can do to stay healthy. 

Here are the first 5.

6-10 will be on my December 6th blog.

1. Eat well-balanced meals

And do so on a regular schedule. Take a daily multivitamin. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

2. Exercise every day

Move your body daily, even if it’s simply 15 minutes of stretching, yoga, calisthenics or walking. Use the stairs to keep your circulation going.

3. Get outdoors

Fresh air renews the body and spirit — even if you only have time for a brief outing. When possible, open a window.

4. Get your zzz’s

Strive for a minimum of seven to eight hours of consecutive sleep in a 24-hour period. Nap when your loved one naps.

5. Treat yourself

That is, get treatments for your own aches and pains before they turn into something more serious.

Caregiver support groups can be found on Facebook.  Here’s two to check out:

We Can Never Lose HOPE……..

100% of the profits from the book are being donated to the nonprofit, Huntington’s Disease Society of America, HDSA.  

The book is available on Therese’s author website & many book websites like Amazon



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