Family, Huntington's Disease

The Genetic Testing Process

Last summer, when John asked his primary doctor, Gerry Lee, for a referral to have the test done, Gerry reassured John he was past the age to exhibit symptoms. Jim Fuller, John’s skiing buddy, and the local OB/GYN doctor in Auburn, said he knew enough about the disease to know John didn’t have it. Even though these two doctors tried to reassure us, doubts still lingered in my psyche and the wait for the results was stressful for both of us.

We had to wait five weeks for the result because the test would be conducted at a lab at U.C. San Francisco Medical Center, and it was rarely requested. John and I didn’t talk about it once his blood was drawn because there was nothing left to say. To keep our minds distracted during the holiday season, we surrounded ourselves with family and friends and took a road trip with Fran and Keith to the Rose Bowl Football game to watch Stanford vs. Iowa.478

January 8th, 2016 is a date I will always cherish. Dr. Vickie Wheelock, the neurologist at U.C. Davis, and Mara Sifry-Platt, genetic counselor, gave us the wonderful news. God bless them. It was a great day!

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Photo credit: Sean MacEntee via / CC BY

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