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“Chicago Med” and Huntington’s Disease

I have watched many TV MEDICAL SHOWS through the years & every so often, Huntington’s disease (HD) shows up in the script. On October 24, 2018, the “CHICAGO MED” episode featured a Huntington’s Disease patient brought into the ER.  https://www.nbc.com/chicago-med

Here’s a little info about the episode and the dilemma the doctors are challenged with concerning the HD patient.  What-is-HD?

“Protocol, as it turned out, was a major thorn in the side for Ava and Dr. Charles tonight, as well. They did their best to help a man who had Huntington’s Disease and refused to tell his son about it. He would rather die, but the problem there is that his son wouldn’t really know the truth about it. Thanks to Dr. Charles, though, there may be a way in order to help the son out for his future.”

I was thrilled to see Huntington’s disease on a popular TV show because it heightens awareness.  I wish they would have explained the disease in more detail, but I hate to complain since it was on prime time.  Hopefully, folks watching better understand the challenges of the disease.

Thank you NBC!  You can watch the episode on HULU if you have it.

We Can Never Lose HOPE….


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