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The Hero’s In My Life

Like many people, I have several hero’s that I hold in high regard.  Most of them, for me anyway, are women who have inspired me, taken chances and usually succeeded, stepped outside their comfort zone to achieve their goal(s). 

#1. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross-A Swiss-American psychiatrist, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying (1969), where she first discussed her theory of the five stages of grief, also known as the “Kübler-Ross model”. 

Since I worked in hospice for 10 years, I’m grateful to her for starting the conversation on dying and how hospice can assist the dying to have the highest quality to their life until they pass.  She created the first hospice house in England, and the hospice idea moved to the U.S. in the 1960’s.

#2.  Mother Teresa-Known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. This woman emits unselfishness, kindness, love and hope.  

#3.  Lora, Marcia and Cindy, are my hero’s not just because they had Huntington’s disease; it was their attitude towards life, and how precious it was to them despite their circumstance.  Also, they were the kindest, most generous, positive women I’ve ever met.   What is Huntington’s disease 

Therese’s memoir/nonfiction book, Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s, is available on her author website   & on Amazon, B&N, & in Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks format.

100% of the proceeds from Therese’s book is being donated to HD organizations around the world.

We Can Never Lose Hope………………..


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