Huntington's Disease, Therese-Author

Living Life AT RISK

IMG_1787Most people don’t understand what it means to live AT RISK and I didn’t until the Marin siblings discovered Huntington’s disease in their family. Here’s my version. On top of all the other stresses in one’s life, work, raising children, etc., the threat of Huntington’s disease is another layer pressing down on your psyche. The threat of this disease and the not knowing whether John inherited the mutated HD gene made me feel like I was walking through life with a blindfold on.

John, my hero, who had experienced much uncertainty in his life growing up, so he was well versed in it, has steadily held my hand for thirty-seven years, saving me from myself.

Now that we know John will not develop HD, he hasn’t let go of my hand, but his grasp is not as tight.

Have a good day!  Therese


Photo credit: *Seth via / CC BY-NC-SA

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