Hope, Huntington's Disease

Great Time to Get Involved

Today is the last day of May; HD Awareness Month. With the publicity generated this month by HD organizations and community members, hopefully, we have heightened awareness of this horrific disease that devastates HD family for generations.  

I wish to thank Dr. Carroll, a gene positive HD advocate and a devoted, brilliant HD researcher, who has done so much for Huntington’s disease.  Jeff says it a great time to become involved in HD research!  

Dr Jeff Carroll, PhD — Boston, USA  https://westerntoday.wwu.edu/features/psychology-s-jeff-carroll-awarded-new-100k-grant-to-research-huntington-s-disease  

 Article, Slightly long CAG repeats are more common than we thought.

For more information about Huntington’s disease please visit  http://www.HDSA.org  & join the fight! To for more information about HD Clinical Trials please visit  http://www.HDTrialFinder.org 

#LetsTalkAboutHD    #HDSAFamily

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