Genetics and the Law

6351373981_7dce4f9b05The Genetic Information Non Discrimination Act was signed in 2008 and provides federal protection from genetic discrimination in health insurance and employment.  See the following link for more information.  See link for more information:

The Huntington’s Disease Parity Act  (H.R. 842/S. 968) will improve access to Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare coverage for individuals with Huntington’s Disease (HD). The legislation will Direct the Commissioner of SSA to revise its outdated medical and evaluation criteria for determining disability, thus enabling individuals with HD to receive the essential disability benefits that they are often denied. AND Waive the Medicare two year waiting period, thereby ensuring individuals receive critical health benefits and care in the early stages of the disease.   See link for more information:

Can you qualify for disability benefits with Huntington’s disease?  See link for more information:

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