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Is EDIT Really a 4-Letter Word?

Authors hate editing. We hate it more than being interrupted or staring at the wall, frozen and unable to type a word. It is, unfortunately, the most important thing we do, once the story is down on paper. It’s time-consuming and hard and creates more work, but essential to creating a polished manuscript.

Editing needs to be done in four stages.

  1. SPELL AND GRAMMAR CHECK-Start slow. Drink coffee. Use the spell check and grammar available through your document writing software.
  2. EDITING SOFTWARE-Use a good software program for the second pass–preferably one that is not biased concerning Microsoft or Apple. There are editing programs on the web.
  3. READ ALOUD-Phase three has you in the driver’s seat once again. You must read it to yourself; page by page, and line by line. If you can do so aloud, all the better.
  4. HIRE AN EDITOR-Put another set of eyes on the manuscript. Yours are too used to your writing, too familiar with the story and will not catch the simplest of things such as a backward quotation mark.

To read full article:   http://www.bookdaily.com/authorresource/blog/post/2001431  

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