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Learning to Forgive

Author Therese Crutcher-Marin

I’m currently in a situation where forgiveness would allow me to move forward.  But, I’m stuck and having a hard time forgiving because I don’t understand why it happened, it makes me angry, it indirectly hurting other folks and it’s counter productive.

I talk about kindness and forgiveness on my personal Facebook wall quite often, so at this time, I’m working on not just “Talking the Talk” but “Walking the Talk”.  


“The act of forgiveness may just be the single most powerful antidote for the pain caused by others.

Forgiveness does not mean that you “forget it and move on.” Nor does forgiveness mean that you absolve the person of their actions.

Forgiveness, instead, is choosing to compassionately release the desire to punish someone or yourself for an offense.

Yes, forgiveness is a choice. Yes, you can forgive yourself. But here’s the thing: while we may accept these statements on the surface, we often have trouble following through on the act of forgiveness – be it forgiving ourselves or someone else.”

We Can Never Lose Hope………..





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“Always Forgive Your Enemies; Nothing Annoys Them So Much.”



I love this quote by Oscar Wilde because it makes me laugh.  But, really what could be harder than to forgive someone you despise or who has hurt you?   When John and I were in Europe last year, we walked through the Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise, the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, and found Oscar Wildes’  tomb.  Then, when we were in Ireland, we found the statute of the Irish writer. Through his rich and dramatic portrayals of the human condition, I find humor but underneath lies the truth.

Have a good day!  Therese



Mother Teresa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, attained world wide fame for her life dedicated to serving the poor and destitute.

I have a sister, Julie Marie Crutcher, who lives about 30 minutes from me who hasn’t spoken to my family in over 20 years.  She’s 57 years old and mad about something.  Our guess is that a family member said something to her that she didn’t like, so she cut off communication with all of us. When our mother, Rita, was dying in 2006, my sister, Ellen, and I knocked on her door.  She threatened to call the police and wouldn’t talk to us.  I begged her to come and see Mom before she died, but she never did.

We are all human, and I know I have made many mistakes.  I hope she will forgive her family one day because I have forgiven her.

Have a good day and don’t forget to forgive.  Therese